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“Dear Dave and Phil,
You guys are amazing!
After an idle call to assist me with a relocation of a phone line at my home you turned a lemon of a job into lemonade. I called you because – well – you have always fixed my telephone system at my office.
The lone call turned into innumerable visits to find the source of a problem which no one understood. But, you guys figure it out. So my 1921 house finally moved its main phone line across the kitchen to a new locale!
Once again, many thanks to you both for not quitting and turning me loose to AT&T.”


“Alamo Prism installed and has maintained our telephone system at Wonderland, Texas since 2010. The IWATSU telephone system has been very reliable with no outages or issues since it was installed five years ago. Prism Communications’ maintenance and support has been equally dependable and responsive. We are very pleased with our communications system and the support we receive from Prism and would recommend them for any small business needs.”